Slow second episode

After finally getting my first video blog up, I have been dragging on getting more done.

I have a ton of ideas, but it actually takes a lot of time to turn those ideas into something that I want to have living on the web forever. Work has been crazy and I have had a bunch of things to deal with at home, so I just haven’t found the time.

So I am almost ready to start shooting several more episodes… updates to come.

Just a little more B-roll, and I should be done with episode one

Things are getting a bit ridiculous with the editing, and I need to cut it off soon. I never realized how easy it is to become obsessed with adding more and more to a video.

Today I think that I got the last bit of footage I need to finish… on my lunch break I took some shots down at the end of Bay Parkway, looking across the water. I also went over to my favorite park, Calvert Vaux, and got some nature shots that I needed. So in next day or so, I think I will have something to show for all this hustle.

Images from today below…




Trying to finish up the first episode


Spring has sprung and I am trying to get my first episode done.

I have been doing a little bit of editing, trying to use the final couple of weeks of Theo’s course to really get something together.

I shot some stuff about me today. Not sure if I want to even use it. I do not know if telling people who I am really matters. My footage from a couple of weeks ago kind of sums up everything I want to say to introduce the blog, so the question is whether introducing me is even necessary.

Third shoot is a charm


After a couple of weeks of messing up in various ways, I finally got some footage that I am happy with. It was a cold, clear, sunny day and although it took me a couple of hours of sitting on a bench to get what I wanted, I think I have what I need for my first episode.

The focus of this blog has become pretty clear: I am going to talk about living things and where they come from. It is a big topic, but I think I have a lot to say on the topic.

I also got some more B-roll. I have been focusing on things around my neighborhood, random stuff that I figure I will find a use for.

Images below…