Third shoot is a charm


After a couple of weeks of messing up in various ways, I finally got some footage that I am happy with. It was a cold, clear, sunny day and although it took me a couple of hours of sitting on a bench to get what I wanted, I think I have what I need for my first episode.

The focus of this blog has become pretty clear: I am going to talk about living things and where they come from. It is a big topic, but I think I have a lot to say on the topic.

I also got some more B-roll. I have been focusing on things around my neighborhood, random stuff that I figure I will find a use for.

Images below…

Second day shooting


I got out again to shoot today, and this time I had a bit of script worked out. All the technical stuff is fine, but I am still struggling to get my words together. I made some progress, but I don’t think that anything is worth using from today. Nice day though, clouds rolling in and out with a bit of sunshine poking through, so I cannot complain about wasting some time outside.

Theo’s been teaching us the importance of what he calls “B-roll”, which is basically the images you see when you do not want to show the person speaking on the blog. I got some good B-roll, which is good because the less of me, the better.

Images below…

First day shooting

OceanParkway 2015-03-09

Today I got out to do my first day of shooting. It was cold, but that is fine by me.

I decided to shoot around the block from my house on Ocean Parkway. Not sure why this spot seemed right, but this was what I was feeling. I have spent a lot of time out on those park benches over the years, so I guess they feel comfortable.

I’m having a bit of trouble figuring out what I want to say. I realized that just showing up and talking to the camera without a lot to say leads to a whole lot of nothing…