I am now on YouTube

I have been making some good friends at my new job, and I have been telling this guy Marc Gould about some of the videos I made over a year ago. Turns out Marc is really into social media because he has this radio-controlled car club that’s big on Twitter, and YouTube, and Instagram.

So Marc’s been telling me that nobody is going to watch my videos if I just have them on Vimeo and on my website, which seems to be true so far. He says that I need to get on social media and to promote what I am doing, and that if I put my videos on YouTube then more people will watch them. So I am giving that a try.

Marc showed me how to set up my YouTube channel here. On YouTube you can see my Episode #00001 here, Episode #00002 here, and Episode #00003 here.

Getting back on my feet…

Wow, I really abandoned this project, didn’t I?

I can’t believe that a year has gone by and I haven’t done anything. Well, I have done a lot… or I had to do a lot… but not here on my site, or on my videos.

I don’t know where to even start with what’s been going on. It’s been heavy, life changing really. Major loss in my life, and that kind of kicked me out of everything that was my routine.

And then eventually I moved. It was totally weird for me to move out of my neighborhood, I thought I was going to be Mapleton for life you know. But I lost my connection to the place, and then I had this chance to switch jobs and that sort of pushed me over the edge. I finally have myself set up in this little apartment in Astoria, Queens, right near where I work.

I am feeling a bit more settled, and I haven’t stopped thinking about living things and where they come from, so I am hoping to get going on my videos again soon.