Still thinking about my questions

The few of you who actually check this site will notice that it has been a whole lot of nothing lately.

That’s not because I am doing nothing, but there’s been nothing to show for awhile. Work is still taking up most of my time, especially with pickets and other union events to go to while we don’t have a new contract.

While I can’t shoot if I don’t have time, I can still think. There’s plenty of time to think while I am driving from job to job. So I have begun to come up with some ideas for future episodes:

  • I have been noticing that there are a lot more plants than animals and I want to do an episode about that.
  • As I ride the bus to work every day I have become more and more aware of how different places are home to different kinds of people. I am wondering if something similar is going on with living things besides humans.
  • I have been thinking about good and evil and I am wondering if they exist in nature. I know that other animals (and definitely plants) don’t live by the same moral laws that we do, but a lot of what goes on in nature is what we would call “evil”. And then there’s the occasional “good”. I am curious about why good and evil appear to exist in nature as well with us humans.
  • At work our job is basically to make connections happen, so I am always thinking about networks. This got me thinking about connections in nature. If nature is like a big machine, I guess I am curious about what circuits make nature work.

Still plenty of work to be done to turn these ideas into the next episodes, but I am working  on that.

A few of my friends who have checked out my videos have complained to me a bit, basically asking when I am going to stop asking and start answering. I see what they are saying… eventually I do want to get to answering my questions. But for now I feel like I need to get all my questions out on the table before I start to answer them, so that’s what I plan to do.

I have a Vimeo account

Theo’s course came to an end about a month ago (thanks so much Theo for all that you have taught me!), and the last week was on uploading managing videos on Vimeo and embedding them on our sites. Now that I have a first episode of my video blog that is pretty much ready, I had to get a Vimeo account in order to get this all up on the web.

So I have a Vimeo account here.

Theo says that Vimeo is superior to YouTube so for now I am following his advice and sticking with Vimeo… but I will consider whether I need to get these on YouTube at some point too.