Getting close to a second episode

This week I managed to finishing shooting for my second episode, which is about death and survival.

Our contract at work is expiring, actually tonight at midnight, so I have been spending a lot of time with the union on that problem, but somehow I managed to get all my footage together. I guess if we go on strike I will have more time on my hands for these videos, huh?

I have been mostly shooting in my neighborhood, but I also got out to Calvert Vaux before work to shoot one bit.

I have some time off this weekend, so I should be able to edit something for next week.

Images from the latest shoots below…









Slow train to a second episode

Things have been crazy at work, so right now my videos are arriving slower than the G train.

After working a whole bunch of overtime, which basically leaves me with no daylight to shoot and no energy even if there is still a bit of light, I am finally getting some work in on the second episode.

Today we had a big thunderstorm, so I got some amazing shots of Washington Cemetery until it looked like my camera was about to get water-logged.

Some more shots below…







Slow second episode

After finally getting my first video blog up, I have been dragging on getting more done.

I have a ton of ideas, but it actually takes a lot of time to turn those ideas into something that I want to have living on the web forever. Work has been crazy and I have had a bunch of things to deal with at home, so I just haven’t found the time.

So I am almost ready to start shooting several more episodes… updates to come.

I have a Vimeo account

Theo’s course came to an end about a month ago¬†(thanks so much Theo for all that you have taught me!), and the last week was on uploading managing videos on Vimeo and embedding them on our sites. Now that I have a first episode of my video blog that is pretty much ready, I had to get a Vimeo account in order to get this all up on the web.

So I have a Vimeo account here.

Theo says that Vimeo is superior to YouTube so for now I am following his advice and sticking with Vimeo… but I will consider whether I need to get these on YouTube at some point too.